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Blossom's Dog Grooming , formerly Canine Styling at Blossoms, is a new Dog Grooming salon in Barrow upon Soar, ran by me, Karen Davidson. 

I have a life long passion of caring for animals, and in particular dogs. At 12 years old after getting my first dog a Standard Schnauzer called Abbie, I was well and truly hooked and wanted to know everything about dogs, from training, nutrition and most of all, grooming. We started showing Abbie and my weekends were soon surrounded by dogs and the dog loving community. I soon decided what she wanted to do when I grew up!

In 2016 I moved to England, so I didn’t have to travel so far for dog shows and dog grooming competitions. I have won multiple awards at grooming competitions, recently and most notably, overall best in show at The Great British Grooming Show 2021, as well as multiple accolades in showing my much loved Miniature Schnauzers.

In 2020, I designed and built Canine Styling at Blossoms, a grooming salon based in a garden in the village of Asfordby and have had such great success, I am now opening a larger salon with a retail space and my own products that allows customers a better face-to-face service, in the salon.

With a focus on giving the best one on one grooming experience, Blossom's Dog Grooming is equipped with top of the range equipment. I use only the finest grooming products with natural ingredients and essential oils with long term benefits that help with coat condition and home maintenance. 

I love meeting new dogs and making them feel special. Whether the groom is a breed cut or low maintenance trim, I pride myself on building longlasting connections with owners and pets, getting to know their needs to decide on a comfortable style to suit their lifestyle.

Whether your dog is anxious, in their golden years or has health concerns, I aim to provide a stress free grooming experience and will work with you to make the groom as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

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